Year 2016  
  Workshop on Advanced Green IT and Internet of Things  
  The National Computer Board is organising a 6 day workshop on Internet of Things and Advanced Green IT at the Ebene Cyber Tower Conference Hall.  
  Date :
19, 20 and 21 April 2016 (Internet of Things)
22, 25 and 26 April 2016 (Advanced Green IT).
  Resource Person ( Both workshops)  
  Dr. San Murugesan from BRITE Professional Services, Sydney is the resource person for both workshops. Dr. San Murugesan is also an Editor in Chief of IEEE IT Professional, Director of and adjunct professor at University of Western Sydney, Australia and his expertise and interests includes ICT innovations, cloud computing, Internet of Things, green IT, IT for Emerging Regions, Healthcare IT, Web 3.0 and 2.0, smart systems and mobile computing.  
  Internet of Things Workshop  
  Internet’s evolution is an ongoing process. Besides connecting billions of computers, mobile devices and people, it is now poised to connect various things such as cars, sensors, controllers, TVs, machinery, and electrical appliances, creating Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the next big thing in IT; it is bound to reengineer and transform everything again -- including business, industry, healthcare, and personal and social life, as it facilitates deployment of many new applications and services that were unimaginable till recently. Gartner estimates that 1.1 billion connected things will be used by Smart Cities in 2015, rising to 9.7 billion by 2020 and the latter also estimates that smart homes and smart commercial buildings which in 2015 represented approximately 45% of total connected things is estimated to rise to 81% in 2020.  

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  • To create awareness on several aspects of IoT and to enable participants to identify its potential, and look at how they can leverage and benefit from it
  • To enable the participants to understand the emerging technological options, platforms and case studies of IoT implementation in home & city automation (smart homes and cities), Industrial Internet, healthcare, Govt., Mobile Cellular and other areas.
  Target Audience  
  The IOT training is targeted to Computer Engineers and IT professionals, Software developers and Start-ups; Business executives; Policy makers and government officials; and University lecturers and researchers.  
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  Course Duration  
  This training is of 3 full days  
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Advanced Green IT Workshop

  The three-day Advanced Green IT training is an advanced program build on previous Green IT Certification programs provided by NCB and focuses on putting Green IT into Practice. The main objectives of this workshop are:-
  • To empower the existing Green IT Professionals in “greening” the ICT environment of their organisations and to develop enterprise green IT and sustainability strategies and policies, and deploy and managing various green initiatives and applications across an enterprise
  • To impart participants with various technical and management skills needed to successfully identify potential areas and opportunities for greening an enterprise IT
  • To equip the existing Green ICT Professionals in addressing green issues and challenges – technical, organisational, managerial and cultural barriers in improving an enterprise’s environmental sustainability and enable them to meet compliance and social responsibility requirements.
The Advanced Green IT training is targeted to participants who have already followed any of the training programmes below, organised by the NCB –
  • Certified training in Green ICT fundamentals
  • Certified training on the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres
  • Training on Green IT Strategy & Governance
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  Course Duration  
  This training is of 3 full days  
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