Year 2014  
  Projects/Activities planned in 2014  
  Workshop on Green IT Strategy and Governance  
  Date : 20th and 21st October 2014  
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The main objectives of this training workshop is

  • To have an in-depth understanding of all the different aspects of Green IT Strategy and governance
  • To explore on how Green IT supports Green IT initiatives at the IT level.
  • To explore the existing globally recognised regulations around mandatory CO2 (GHG) reporting as well
  •  as other standards and frameworks (ISO, ITU, EPEAT), and provide tools and methods to implement a Green-IT strategy in practice, using recognized frameworks like, for e.g. CobIT5 and relevant Green IT Frameworks.
  • To facilitate organisations IN implementing Green IT practices and measurements with a view to reduce their environmental footprint, to contribute to a positive, green corporate image and to evolve towards a sustainable business
  Course Duration  
  This training is of 2 consecutive days  
  La Canelle, Domaine Les Pailles  
  Course Content  

Day 1:

 1. Introduction to Green-IT
• Set up the link between IT and the GHG protocol;
• Describe Cradle-to-grave (/cradle) concepts;
• Understand CSR role;
• Understand how sustainability impacts future of cities (Smart Cities);
• Understand both facets of IT in greening a business: Greening of IT and Greening by IT.

2. Strategy & Governance
• Understand how governance keeps organization headed in a single direction;
• Describe major governance archetypes;
• Acquire main tools for implementing governance (drivers, RACI tables, maturity models, improvement lifecycles, …).

3. Overview of regulations and frameworks
• Consider regulations and explain how they may impact your organization;
• Review various frameworks and understand how they may be of use for each organisation; 
• Get a deeper understanding of the more important frameworks, such as the European Code of Conduct for Data Centers, ISO-50001 and EPEAT series;
• Identify the impact (and risk) of regulations and frameworks on your organization;
• Understand what the future of standards and regulations might be.

Day 2:

4. Green-IT governance and strategy
• Understand why an organization implements green initiatives;
• Identify and understand internal and external drivers for implementing sustainable business;
• Appreciate the various levels within an organization that such initiatives may impact;
• Understand why and how strategy and governance are essential to Green-IT.

5. Practical implementation of a Green-IT strategy and governance
• Define and implement the Green-IT strategy roadmap and green key performance indicators (KPIs);
• Prepare organizations to mitigate risks of penalties in case of non-conformance with regulations;
• Understand how progress towards sustainable business can be continuously measured;
• Understand a practical framework (SGM) that helps organizations to align their Green IT initiatives with Corporate-level Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives;
• Use a specific tool (Green-Octant) to support the set up and follow-up of Green-IT initiatives.

6. Review a practical Green-IT customer case in details.

Optional : 1hour examination

Examination will be chargeable - 50euros (2000 MRU) per certification.

Certification is paper-based, right after the course and consists of 40 Multiple Choice questions during one hour.

Target audience

  • IT decisions makers/Professionals, top executives and managers (business, IT and facilities);
  • Professionals in the environmental and energy field;
  • Risk managers, Consultants, CSR and environmental professionals
  • HR and IT procurement professionals